Boneless Serrano Ham 

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    BONELESS AND SKINLESS SERRANO HAM RESERVA AROMA SERRANA  (Since 1986) Formidable boneless and skinless serrano ham, cured for a minimum period of “12 months”. Easy cut thnaks to the absence of bone and skin and greatly facilitating machine cutting and thus be able to make fine slicesGreat boneless ham! Formidabel benfri og skinnfri serrano skinke,...
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    SUPER HAM SERRANO HAM BONELESS AROMA SERRANA (Since 1986) It is a ham that is reduced in salt and is recognized by the Spanish Heart Foundation. It is also called a ham of high yield because it takes full advantage of the piece. The Super Ham is healthy and tasty and gives, when cut in a slicing machine, produces slices in a practically perfect...
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Serrano ham without bone. Feel on the palate one of the most exquisite food in Spain: Serrano ham. An unmistakable flavor that you can now enjoy at your table thanks to the selection that Spain Menu has made for you.


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