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    MOJAMA EXTRA FROM TUNA "SALAZONES DIEGO" The “smoked ham” of the Sea! Exquisite portions of the central part of the tuna loin (yellowfin) Dried and salted in the traditional style Excellent healthy and natural appetizer, supreme quality and extraordinary taste The king of salted fish!
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    ROE OF MARUCA (TYPE OF LING FISH) "SALAZONES DIEGO" Maruca's eggs are exquisite, with a consistent taste with a very fleshy (thickly grained) yet tender and texture and easily digested An appetizer combined especially well with almonds or nuts Healthy and natural appetizer with excellent flavor!
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    ROE EXTRA FROM TUNA "SALAZONES DIEGO" Tuna roe are extraordinarily exquisite Its flavor is the stronger compared to the roe of Maruca and Mujol It is advisable to cut very fine slices to obtain an optimum flavor. This is due to its soft grain and very concentrated flavor An appetizer specially well combined with almonds or nuts Healthy and natural...
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    ROE FROM MUJOL (FLATHEAD GREY MULLET) "SALAZONES DIEGO" The most desired of all the roe, the "caviar of the Mediterranean". A product of superior quality, desired for both for its taste and for its excellent quality Soft-grained with intense sea flavor   It is advisable to cut very fine slices for an optimal taste. The appetizer combined especially well...
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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