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    MOUNTAIN MULTI-FLOWERS ECOLOGICAL HONEY  Our multiflowered mountain honey comes from areas of mid height, where predominate vegetation is jara, oak, thyme, rosemary, and poppy. These are locations where there are no treated crops with pesticides that can pollute. Thus, the product created is a healthy natural and organic honey. Ecological Certified
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    ECOLOGICAL HONEY OF LAVENDER CANTUESO Light-colored. The floral aroma is tenuous, a little intense and a little persistent. Sweet taste, in some cases with slight acidic touch. 100% Natural, healthy and ecological Ecological Certified
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    ECOLOGICAL DRY POLLEN Pollen is a superfood that stands out by containing almost all the nutrients that the human body needs. In fact, it is the only food source that contains the 22 essential amino acids. 100% Healthy, ecological and natural Ecological Certification 
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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