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    SWEET ECOLOGICAL QUINCE MEAT (FRUIT PULP) WITH SUGAR CANE Sweet made with ecological membry meat and cane sugar. It is an ideal food to take as dessert or in combination with cheeses, salmon, nuts and meats. High content in pectin, sugars, potassium vitamins A, C and group B, and virtually no fat and protein content. European Ecological Certification and...
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    BROWN SHUGAR GOLDEN 1 KG FROM SHUGAR CANE It is obtained by a meticulously sifting the sugar from organic raw sugar cane. It has a delicate texture and a strong flavor and it is considered a supreme sugar. The molasses that are obtained are crystallized without the need of processing nor refining. Therefore, obtaining a healthier product than the...
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    DEMERARA SUGAR The demerara sugar like the moscovado sugar, is obtained from sugar cane only, in an earlier process. It is much tastier and more nutritious than any refined sugar. It comes with a golden yellow color and large crisp crystals. Ecological Certification
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    ECOLOGICAL SYRUP OF AGAVE Natural sweetener, extracted from the Agave plant. It has more sweetening power than sugar, and its neutral taste does not mask the taste of food. Its nutritional benefits make it a perfect component to our healthy, natural and ecological diet. European Ecological Certification and of the Region of Murcia
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    MASCAVADO OR MASCAVO SUGAR Mascavo sugar has a minimal refining process. Therefore, the essential vitamins and minerals remains present. Such as in its normal state in the plant. Ecological certified
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    PURE POWDER COCOA Pure cocoa is a food with properties and benefits to the health of the body and mind. It stimulates and contributes to an increase in energy and possesses minerals, vitamins and natural antioxidants. 100% Ecological and fair trade
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    CACAO BREAKFAST WITH INTENSIVE TASTE (WITH MASCAVO SUGAR) Eco-friendly Fair-Trade Cocoa, ideal for mixing with milk or vegetable drinks. It is made with pure cocoa and organic brown sugar. Healthy, natural, invigorating and ecological breakfast
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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