Murcian wine cheese or drunken goat cheese Denomination of Origin “Queso de Murcia P. D.O. MURCIA”
Murcian wine cheese or drunken goat cheese Denomination of Origin “Queso de Murcia P. D.O. MURCIA”



Excellent and tasty food. It offers important health benefits with its low fat content and high content in calcium, protein and vitamins.

A natural, healthy and delicious food!

Murcian wine cheese drunken goat d.p.o." queso al vino murcia"

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Type of cheeseType of cheese:From Goat, wine drunken d.o. Murcia
Type of milkType of milk:100% with goat's milk from the best quality of Grenada and Murcia
IngredientsIngredients:Pasteurized goat milk, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, preservative: egg lysozyme, lactic ferments. Coating: bath in red wine (contains sulphites), conservative
MaturationMaturation:This cheese is bathed in red wine of double pasta and matured for at least 45 days
Weight pieceWeight piece:approximate 1000 g. and 500 g.
CharacteristicsCharacteristics:Aroma and flavor with soft touches of wine, very creamy texture and the exterior is unmistakable by the purplish garnet color. It is given by being drunken in red wine
OriginOrigin:Murcia (Spain)
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The milk from which the protected cheeses are made of will become the whole natural product. It is obtained from the milking of the Goats of the Murcian breed. These are kept in registered farms in the Denomination of Origin “Queso de Murcia”.

All cheeses that are marketed must ether carry the label :

“Denomination of Origin wine Cheese of Murcia” (Denominación de Origen Queso de Murcia al vino)

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In addition, all cheeses intended for consumption shall bear a numbered label, issued by the Regulatory Board of the O.D. Queso de Murcia. It must be placed in such a manner that cannot be re used.


  • It is easier to digest: Goat's milk contains less lactose, casein and fat particles than cow's milk. It digests better and is more suitable for people with intolerances and gastric problems. This also makes it also good for children. After being second to breast milk, goat milk is a suitable alternative for being the similar in its structure and balanced in nutrients.
  • High Nutrient Content: Goat cheese is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K, riboflavin, potassium, phosphorus, iron, niacin and thiamine. It contains low levels of sodium and provides greater calcium and protein intake than the cow cheese. This high nutritional value makes goat cheese an ideal food to prevent osteoporosis, anemia, blood pressure and respiratory problems. It generates fewer mucous membranes.
  • It is lower in calories, cholesterol and fat: Goat milk has less fat particles than cow milk. It comprises of fewer calories and saturated fats (about a third less).
  • It contains probiotics and less hormones: Goat cheeses contains high levels of probiotics, which improve the intestinal flora and immune system and helps to increasing the capacity of absorption of calcium and synthesized vitamin B. Goat cheese contains lower levels of additives and hormones than cheese made of cow milk.

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Nutritional info.

Nutritional values
Mean values per 100g.

Energy value kj: 

1785 kJ

Energy value kcal:

431 kcal

Total Fat: 

37 g.

Of which saturated fats

26.5 g.


1.5 g.

Of which sugars: 

1.0 g.


23 g.


0.8 g.


0 g.


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